Game wont download

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Game wont download

Beitragvon spadekevin » Fr 20. Jul 2018, 10:49

'm used to play this game a long time ago and it worked fine and I never had a problem with it, after not playing for a long time I got a new computer and though that I should download it again. I went to the shaiya website, logged into my account as it made me when I clicked download. and then after I went back to the shaiya website to click download again it was all fine. (other than the download botton not showing any words) I clicked on the download and as it loaded and said run I clicked it and the whole this where the logo popped up and a few minutes later it said that it couldn't connect to the download sever. ive tried for a few hours now and nothing has changed. I have tried downloading all the updated software listed on the one page and it still has not change. I tired on a different computer to still have the same result. I have looked everywhere for a solution and no luck. I would like to play this game again if anyone knows how to fix this. I have even saved the download launcher and tried it from there and it is no different. ?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

References:- ... -download/
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Re: Game wont download

Beitragvon stephaniee » Fr 25. Jan 2019, 12:07

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Re: Game wont download

Beitragvon rawuwohylu » Do 18. Apr 2019, 04:54

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Re: Game wont download

Beitragvon AmandaParkinson » Fr 7. Jun 2019, 09:54

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Re: Game wont download

Beitragvon emmyrub » Mo 29. Jul 2019, 17:58

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Re: Game wont download

Beitragvon tomlinson59 » Di 30. Jul 2019, 05:18

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